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FAQ and Troubleshooting Setup and Install

If you have any questions that are not covered here then our tech support will be happy to help.





Why do I keep getting asked for the database path?

The database path is stored next to the program in a file called 'database_path.txt'. It only needs to be set once, but it does need to be set by an Administrator.

Why are medals/logs not being saved?

This means the students do not have write access to the database. Please make sure any account that is using Steps has write access to the Steps database.

What is this 'preloader' that starts before Steps?

The preloader launches Steps with the correct resolution and sets the windowed/fullscreen mode. It can also be used for automatically distributing patches (see 'preloader patches' on our website), but this method only works on networks that are not locked down.

We upgraded to Windows 7 (or higher) and now Steps won't work.

Please make sure you have the correct graphics card drivers installed on your computer. Please get the drivers from the vendors website (e.g. nVidia, ATI, Intel, etc), not from Windows update.

I ran Windows Update and now Steps won't work.

In the past we have seen situations where Windows update has updated graphics card drivers so that they no longer provide complete OpenGL support. Go to your graphics card vendor website (e.g. nVidia, ATI, Intel, etc) and download the latest graphics card drivers from there.

Why does Steps stay black for minutes before becoming usable?

This can happen when Steps is being run from the server. Installing Steps on the client instead will get rid of that loading time.

Why does Steps stay black permanently? I'm using an Intel HD 3000 Integrated graphics card.

This particular graphics card has known issues with OpenGL. It's not as pretty, but you can change the colour depth on the computer to 16bit and set Steps to windowed mode. To set Steps to windowed mode, open 'settings.ini' next to Steps2.exe and set 'windowed' to 1.

Some text is white and Steps runs extremely slowly, keys hard to push.

This means the graphics card isn't able to run a high enough version of OpenGL. Some times this can be fixed by installing the correct graphics card drivers, but it may also mean that the graphics card just isn't capable.


Can I move the icon for Steps?

Yes you can. It should work anywhere on your Mac. Please note that copying this icon to another Mac won't work, you have to install Steps properly for that.

Why are medals/logs not being saved?

This means the students do not have write access to the database. Please make sure any account that is using Steps has write access to the Steps database. You may need to setup an Access Control List for the database to ensure all the correct profiles have the correct permissions.

What files have write permission on the local machine, and why?

Only the database_path.txt and settings.ini should have write access. Once they've been setup, there is no reason for them to keep write access.

I often get errors that the database is missing/can't be found.

Make sure that the Steps database is always being mounted. The method mentioned in this manual of making the volume mount on login needs to be done on every account on the Mac that uses Steps. There are several ways to easily setup automatic volume mounting on Macs but that is beyond the scope of this manual. This could also be caused by the wrong credentials being used to mount the volume. Please also make sure that the group 'Everyone' has at least read access to 'database_path.txt'.

We have PowerPC Macs. Will Steps work on them?

There is an installer on the CD (also downloadable from our website) that will replace with a Power PC version. This should make any Mac on 10.4 or higher work well with Steps.

We have Intel 10.7 (Lion) Macs. Will Steps work on them?

As of version 2,0,4 we are shipping Steps compiled for Intel, with compatibility for OS 10.7. For anyone who purchased Steps before this patch, you can download the conversion to Intel here:

Click Here to Download the LionFix Patch

Steps runs very slowly and it's difficult to type

Check if you're running the PowerPC version of Steps on an Intel Mac. This setup has been known to run slowly. You can find this out by right clicking on Steps2 and clicking 'Show Info'. Under the 'kind' field, it'll tell you if it's Intel of PowerPC. To find out if you've got an Intel Mac, click on the apple in the top left, then 'About this Mac'. The 'processor' field will tell you if you're Intel or PowerPC. If you have indeed got an Intel Mac running PowerPC Steps then follow the link in the above question for the conversion to Intel Steps. This conversion will work in OS 10.4 to 10.7.


Why does Steps ask for the license details every time the program starts?

This is probably a permissions problem on the server. Check to make sure that the client is allowed to make changes to the Steps database. You may also notice medals and logs not being saved.

I started installing Steps patches on some clients but now some of the existing clients aren't working quite right.

It's very important that all clients are running the same version of Steps. Sometimes patches are released which change the file saving format, or order that the data is stored in. Changes like that will cause the older clients to stop reading the files correctly, and possibly even damage the saved files beyond automatic recovery if they tried to save. One/some computers complain about the license being expired, but I know it isn't. Make sure the date is set correctly on all of the client computers.

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